A popular kite flown by children. Silk and bamboo. Flies well.



A 30-metre long dragon kite from Weifang. Silk and bamboo and takes four people to launch. The dragon is a symbol of power and prosperity as it can fly up to heaven. Head only shown.

Eyes rotate when flying



Note wide body. Beautifully hand painted silk swallow kite showing five dragons playing in the clouds. A Chinese folk tale tells of how five dragons ascended into heaven to produce the wind and rain. They became known as the immortal guardians of the five heavenly gates.

Made by Zhao Shi Ming, Beijing.



A very rare and expensive whistling kite from Nanking. Fitted with eighty seven whistles of different sizes and pitch. Flown in strong winds with long tails. It can be heard over a mile away.

Close up Picture


During the Cultural Revolution people were banned from making and flying kites. To keep their skills and craft alive they made miniature kites in secret. Some Chinese kite makers spent over three years in jail and all their kites were destroyed. Made from silk and bamboo with very fine detail. (shown next to a pin at rear)

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