A simple leaf kite popular in Bali and surrounding countries - flown with a long tail.

It is thought that leaf kites were the first ever to be flown.
This type of  kite was used and still is for fishing. At the bottom of the kite a line and hook is attached instead of a tail which enables the fisherman to catch the larger fish which swim further away from the shadow of the boat. This method has been used the for over 2000 years.




A more sophisticated leaf kite made from the large leaves of  the bread fruit tree.This type of kite has been flown for 1000's of years This kite is also used by the Indonesian fisherman for fishing.

A very rare kite. The leaves are stitched together with thin strips of natural fibre.
2 metre x 2 metre leaf kite made from ripstop nylon. Bought at the Pasir Gudang International Kite Festival from a local kite maker.
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